First inspection

Yesterday I done my first inspection of my hive, it was a beautiful sunny day, got my suit on, my hive tool and smoker.

After a little struggle getting my smoker to work I was ready, the bees were content and didn’t bother, I puffed some smoke at the entrance and took off the roof.

My hive is an old one and has two spare supers on top, these were full of old larvae and molded pollen, the bees have been very busy cleaning it all, they have been in the hive three weeks now.

Looking into the top brood box, there were many bees, an extra puff of smoke… my smoker was out ūüė¶ … I do need to practice this… got it smoking again, and took the frame on the far right hand, no brood, no honey but clean and ready for both, I slid the frames to the right and took the middle frame, immediately¬†I saw some honey, yay, also some cells with pollen, and how excited I was¬†when I saw the little white specs… eggs yes, it was the first time I saw them and they looked to be one or two days old, with that I decided that this inspection is over.

The reason for my having bees is mainly for pollination and supporting the bee population in my area, honey is secondary a very yummy by-product.


I never wrote a diary, always wanted but never knew what to write.

Here is my attempt at keeping a diary, with hopes it will help me with my new venture of keeping bees.

Three years ago I decided to get bees into my garden, I read in the nz Gardner that many beekeepers would be happy to have a hive in someone’s garden and share the honey.

It was not as easy to find a willing beekeeper but I did get one, not free but I got ny bees.

now I have decided to take a step up be a bee keeper myself.